Dream of Warm Suns

by Nigel Wolovick

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A binaural-beat encoded track, read below.

Tap into and increase Theta brainwave activity through full immersion into this sound composition. The theta brainwave is associated with enhanced creativity, the dream state, increased manifestation powers, insight, and relaxation. Through musical healing tones, this track is designed help your mind open to a place of greater visionary power.

A binaural beat is a brain phenomena resulting when our minds try to reconcile two slightly different sound frequencies which are given to each ear. The invididual ear is governed by a different hemisphere of the brain and the slight "beat" effect from binaurally encoded music can stimulate the brain and cause adjustments to brainwave frequencies that may be less dominant. This is a safe and easy method to tap into more creativity and hidden potential within yourself that can be used in your spare time. It is highly recommended to use headphones when listening to this track for greatest binaural beat potency.


released April 1, 2012
Synths and sound tools completely programmed by me.




Nigel Wolovick Sebastopol, California

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